Melbourne Couples Session – A Love Story

A Love Story by Megan and Brad.

This Melbourne Couples Photography Session was carefully planned, curated and thought out. We work with you to advise you of the best wardrobe and outfit choices to suit the location of your shoot, and the overall aesthetic we are wanting to achieve.

They run for approximately 1 hour, almost always at ‘Golden Hour’ – about 1 hour prior to sunset.

Megan and Brad reached out to me when I announced that I am currently writing about, and taking Photographs of different Couples Love Stories for my upcoming Book Release ‘The Art Of Loving You’.

While this is a MASSIVE project for me, throwing busy Wedding Season’s, Couple’s Sessions and Family Session’s into the mix, not to mention the current state of the worlds health to which now, I have taken the role of ‘teacher’ at home as we find our way homeschooling our three kids.

But we will get there! To spark some joy in this time, I thought I would share an honest, and beautifully written Love Story that Megan and Brad so wonderfully shared with me, for their section of the book.

Here we go……..

Our Love Story. Written By Megan T.

“Brad and I (Megan) met on bumble. Straight away I knew this guy was someone worth meeting. The conversation bounced back and forth easily and he was interested in me as a person. We asked questions about family, favorite Arnott’s biscuits, worst/best qualities, if you were a piece of furniture what would you be….

The first time we met it was late at night, we had a wine at Skinny dog hotel in Kew. Brad choose the worst table right in the middle under what felt like a spotlight. I didn’t want to give too much of myself away (what if he didn’t like me?) so I let him lead most of the conversation.

When he walked me to my car to my horror I found myself saying out
loud…’well this is the awkward part of the night’…. So he lent in and gave me a quick peck.

Melbourne Couple Photo Session Kissing Black and White
Couple Photo Laughing together in field

A second date was organised quickly and Brad wanted to try a study which apparently is meant to make someone fall in love with you. You ask each other 30 questions and then you sit and stare at each other for 4 minutes. The questions opened the door and allowed a deeper connection we truly got deep and meaningful there was no holding back.

Staring for 4 minutes seems like a long time but honestly I felt a bond like no other form and as I studied his face and wondered what he was thinking I focused more and more on this pull towards him I was starting to feel and how I just wanted a proper kiss. I wanted his arms to hold me and not stop. To this day we still stop and stare at each other and I always feel like
we are looking into each others souls, letting go of any baggage and being present in the moment with each other.

Black and White Intimate Couples Photo
Couple in love photo, embracing in field at sunset in Melbourne
Man kissing woman's hand. Black and White Couples Photo

There was one defining moment in our relationship that I cannot explain and will never forget. For weeks I felt sick all these new emotions were hitting me like I’d never felt before and I was so confused that this guy wanted to spend time with me. He showed up at my work when I finished late with my favorite chips, hot tea, ice-cream all these little gestures
and I felt scared to jump further in, I wanted to protect myself. One weekend we took a road-trip to Ballarat to meet Brad’s twin sister who is very special to Brad and her opinion meant a lot to him. I’d never met anyone’s family before so this terrified me.

Couple kissing in field at sunset.

All went well and I remember dropping Brad home (we lived 5 minutes from each other) and sitting in the
car thinking I don’t want to leave. I never want to say goodbye to him and go to a different home. We sat in silence both experiencing this sensation of not wanting the weekend to end, and I knew he was the one I wanted to grow old with.

Black and white couples photo in grassy field in Melbourne
Birds eye view of couple kissing in long grass Melbourne

Brad was by my side as we fare welled my Grandma and I am forever grateful that he was around to meet a lady who helped me grow into who I am today. She said before she died that she felt like Brad had always been around and that she was happy I was happy. Brad has held me whilst I cry at the thought that she won’t share in our wedding day, he’s held me when the emotions come from no where and just wash over you. I’ll never forget the first time Granny met Brad, it’s like she didn’t care about me. She held her hand straight out pushed me aside and gave Brad a firm handshake asking who he was. She was taken by him just as I was.

Black and white couples photo piggyback ride in open field Melbourne
Couple holding hands walking on grassy field in Melbourne. Long red skirt
Fun Couple Photo black and white leaning in towards each other

We’re very similar in how we speak and sometimes I think I’m just talking to myself. Never failing to make me laugh, brad is a true romantic. Kind words, favorite snacks, date nights,flowers Brad always has something up his sleeve. Just like when he surprised me by proposing on the middle of lake Konstanz in South Germany in July 2018. I wasn’t expecting a proposal whilst travelling and the setting was magical. Not only does Germany hold special family ties to me that Brad thought about ,but the lake was stunning with Austria and Switzerland and Germany all around us and just us two together on a little peddle boat, nothing else mattered.

Couple Photo Kissing at Sunset in Melbourne

When our lives are hectic (like right now renovating our first home and planning a wedding) our love is in the small things. We snuggle at night, we set the alarm 10 minutes early so we can cuddle in the morning, it’s in the ‘I love you’s’ at the end of a phone call, it’s having dinner ready when I get home from work, singing softly at night whilst falling asleep and
planning our future together.

Black and white couples photo man holding woman close at sunset in Melbourne
Intimate couple photo windswept hair at sunset in Melbourne Field
Intimate soulful black and white couples photo in field at sunset in Melbourne

Of course we have moments of communication melt down like all normal couples but we always kiss and make up, normally we laugh about how stubborn we are and that it was silly to argue about whatever it was (normally it was so stupid we don’t remember) but everyday
we’re growing and learning together taking each step as it comes and looking towards our future. We would like to eventually start a family; Brad wants twins, I’m worried how my body would be after that but none of it matters because we will embark on every adventure together ; B-rad and A-meggie together forever.”

Sunset couples Photo in Melbourne. Couple kissing.

Thank you SO much Megan and Brad, for sharing your story for the world to read, feel and take joy in.
I can’t wait to get this book up and running and see it on shelves and coffee tables all over.

To those reading this, if you, or any other couples out there that are proudly in love and would like to share in this experience alongside us, please reach out and send me a message. We would LOVE to chat with you about your Melbourne Couples Photography Session!

C xox

Melbourne Couples Photography Session

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