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K + B are simply the most fun loving couple that I have had the pleasure of working with. Their Melbourne Couples Photoshoot was set on the Clifftops of the beaches of Mornington Peninsula.
They were loving, intimate, and fun with one another which is all I can ever ask for when photographing my couples.
Here is a look from their session. It was super hard to only pick a few to share!

Tattooed couple kissing in embrace
Tattooed couple on beach clifftops
Couple Kissing during Photoshoot in Melbourne

They had absolutely no issues sharing their connection. It was obvious how real and raw their feelings are for one another. It was simply beautiful to photograph and to be around!

Kissing Couple Photoshoot Melbourne
Man holding womans hair in embrace
Intimate Photo of Couple at Sunset
Intimate Couples Photo at Sunset
Couple cuddling at sunset during photoshoot in Melbourne
Black and White Photo Tattooed Couple Cuddling at Sunset

So much love for these two! Oh and if you have a partner with lots of awesome tattoos, give them the nudge to get some couples portraits taken. It’s becoming my fast fave thing to shoot!

Tattooed Couple Kissing on Clifftops at Sunset during Photoshoot in Melbourne
Melbourne Couples Photography at Sunset Tattoos
Intimate kissing tattooed couple at sunset
Black and White Tattooed couple kissing
Tattooed couple kissing at Sunset
Tattooed couple cuddling at sunset
Tattooed couple holding hands sunset

Her King xx

Intimate Tattooed Couple at Sunset in Melbourne
Windy Hair Tattooed Couple Kissing Sunset
Tattooed Couple Kissing Photo
Tattooed couple embrace intimate photo Melbourne
About to kiss tattooed couple photoshoot Melbourne
Sunset Photo of Tattooed Couple Kissing
Tattooed Couple embrace at Sunset Photoshoot
Tattooed Couple in each others arms at Sunset
Happy Tattooed Couple at Sunset
Windy Hair Couples Photo
Windy Hair Photo of Tattooed Couple at Sunset
Tattooed Couple Intimate Sunset Photo
Tattooed Couple Intimate Photo Kissing Shoulder Sunset
Tattooed Couple Kissing Shoulder at Sunset
Sunset Photo Tattooed Couples Photo Sunset
Black and White Intimate Kissing Couples Photo Sunset
Couple at Beach Kissing at Sunset
Black at White Happy Couples Photo kissing at sunset
Intimate Tattooed Couples Photo
Tattooed Couple Laughing Photo at Sunset
Intimate Couples Photo Kissing Tattoos
Intimate Tattooed Couple Embrace
Tattooed Couple at Sunset Intimate Photo
Intimate Tattooed Couple embracing at sunset
Intimate Embrace Tattooed Couple Sunset in Melbourne
Golden Sun Couples Photo
Tattooed Couple with Hat Sunset Photo
Happy Tattooed Couple Black Outfit carrying each other sunset
Happy Couple Man Lifting Woman at Sunset
Laughing Tattooed Couple at Sunset

Posing these two was effortless as they already had that connection together that was so obvious and easy to work with.

Tattooed Couple Kissing at Sunset
Black and White Photo Tattooed Couple
Close Up Black and White Photo Tattooed Couple Sunset
Cute Tattooed Couple Piggyback Photo at Sunset
Cute Tattooed Couple giving Piggyback Ride at Sunset
Tattooed Couple holding each other Clifftops at Sunset
Tattooed Couple tight embrace at Susnet
Tattooed Couple wearing black holding each other tight on clifftops at sunset in Melbourne
Tattooed Couple wearing black holding each other tight on clifftops at sunset in Melbourne
Woman pulling mans top to kiss him
Couple dancing at Sunset
Laughing happy tattooed couple about to kiss
Black and White Arty Couples Photo Sunset
Golden Hour Sunset Couples Photo laughing
Black and White Couples Photo looking at each other sunset
Golden Hour Sunset Couples Photo
Tattooed Couple kissing chest at sunset
Black and White Couples Photo holding mans neck sunset

This gorgeous Couples Photoshoot is also going to be a part of our upcoming Book ‘The Art of Loving You’. A book about real and romantic Love Stories and the art of connection.

For any interest in submitting an application to be apart of this book, please get in touch!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the absolute privilege of photographing you for your Couples Session.

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